Harry Potter: Top 3 computer games

Believe it or not the Harry Potter computer games have opened the door for way more entertainment! Indeed, you will be able to play all the consoles’ games on your computer whether you own a Mac or Windows. However, some games were more successful and better executed for lack of better words on their computer versions. Therefore, we have selected the best three Harry Potter computer games for you to try. We have played all of them, which enables us to pick and choose the ones that will represent best the essence of Harry Potter, his friends and the different adventures that he finds himself in throughout. We have chosen two games that relate to two books. However, we have decided to include a game that nobody expected the players to like or to relate to Harry Potter! In order to discover our list and our surprise, keep on reading!

#1 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The year 2007 brought us the best Harry Potter computer game. Indeed, although it was extremely difficult for us to pick a game, we had to go with nothing but the best. Therefore, we had to pick the forth volume of the Harry Potter saga. This game can be played on both Windows and Mac computers. We must admit the fact that as time went by, technology improved and thus this game remains our favorite. Extremely well executed from the graphics to the sound effects we highly recommend it to all the Harry Potter games’ fans.

#2 Lego Harry Potter Years 1–4

Here is the biggest surprised we have had when it comes down to Harry Potter games! Yes, who would have thought that Lego would promote and design an entire game to resemble the Harry Potter series? This game is available on all the computers’ software, and gathers all the first four Harry Potter books. You will be able to build Harry Potter designed animated legos throughout the different game stages. The game was such a success that the producers decided to bring to life a second part, which consists of the fifth, the sixth and the seventh Harry Potter books.

#3 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Our third favorite game is the one that staged the fifth Harry Potter book entitled Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The game came out in 2009, and was an absolute success! The game incorporated delightful details about the book and the story as well as more gaming options, compared to the other games thus far. We highly recommend you to try out this game before the eighth one comes out as it might be an even bigger hit!

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