Harry Potter: The characters

The time has come for us on Harry Potter Games.com to help you get acquainted with the main Harry Potter characters! Indeed, in order for you to be able to understand the different Harry Potter games, you will need to be able to distinguish your allies from your enemies! If you recall, even during the Quidditch matches, Harry Potter could make the difference between his teammates and the opposite team! So will you after you have read our section that deals with the various Harry Potter characters you should know about!

The Harry Potter main characters

The characters close to Harry Potter form a closed circle around him. Whether they are friends or enemies, all these characters happen to evolve very close to each other and to the main character throughout the books. The main character is Harry Potter, and he happens to have a tight circle of friends that surround him at all time. The infamous trio in throughout the Harry Potter books and movies are the following: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. These are the main characters you will have to keep track of throughout the games. We must add one more character that is constantly present, and who makes for the plot throughout the different Harry Potter chapters. It is the one and only Voldemort, without whom the story itself would not even exist! We will now go on to other characters that you will have the pleasure to see evolve throughout the books and the movies. However, we will put them in the sub-character category for the mere reason that they do not surround Harry Potter at all time!

The Harry Potter sub-characters

There are quite a lot of sub-characters we will introduce you to in this paragraph. We will start off with listing Severus Rogue, who was a intense character in Harry Potter’s classrooms. Albus Dumbledore was the school’s principal. Drago Malefoy was part of a long line of the Potter’s family’s enemy. Ginny Weasley was Ron’s sister who always cared for Harry Potter. We have decided to add Neville Londubat to the sub-characters in the sense that he was not part of the infamous trio. However, he managed to play a crucial role on several of the books. His endearing personality made the fans actually looking for him throughout the Harry Potter saga. These characters are in a nutshell all the biggest names that you will need to remember in order to be able to play the Harry Potter games. It is crucial that you do not mix them up in order to keep track of the different adventures that you are about to experience in the games.

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